Vigreks Review: Generic Viagra from India Not yet Favored by the Patients

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Brand: Vigreks

Active Ingredient: Sildenafil Citrate

Treatment: Erectile Dysfunction

Manufacturer: Medley Pharmaceuticals

Country of Manufacture: India

Vigreks Package Image

Review and Description

Vigreks is among the complete formulations from Medley pharmaceuticals in India. Its demeanor and that of brand Viagra are similar since they are both presented in a blister of four diamond-shaped tablets with blue being their color of domination. The medicine is formulated with sildenafil citrate as the primary chemical, and it is used for the degeneration of pulmonary hypertension (PH) but mostly indicated for Erectile Dysfunction (ED). It works by an enzyme prohibition that is it decreases the levels of the prodestearase-5 enzyme into the bloodstream. The work of this hormonal secretion is to harden the muscles at the walls of blood capillaries and veins more so those at the male reproductive organ. Its activities are known to limit the blood that gets to the erectile compartment making it hard for people living with impotence to get an erection let alone sustaining one after acquiring it at a mild rate. The medication softens the peripheral muscles and allows an increased flow of the oxygenated blood to the penis which is a necessity for men to produce an erection. With the right levels of arousal, one can have a stiff penile for the planned intimacy to satisfying levels without fail. As for the heart and lungs blockage issues causing PH, the advanced circulation levels deal with it restoring the state of affairs.

Medley pharmaceuticals limited is renowned for some things one being its first-time brands and the other one being its vow to uphold integrity in quality formulations. Examples to illustrate the former is Tazocef, O2, and Ostium. The pharma company which was initiated in 1969 in India has a vast production for the local and international consumers. Some of the ailments it addresses under its strict compliance with good manufacturing practices are; anti-ulcerants, anti-bacterial, hematinics cardiovascular drugs, pain management, and gynecological conditions. Its manufacturing plants utilize technological transfers in the intention of making pharmaceuticals that are close to none. Most of its staff members are located in its multilocational branches in India while the majority of them work in the sales department. This is to achieve a proximity with its clients for the research and production of user-tailored medicines.

Customer Reviews

Vigreks is a brand from a reputable brand and generic producer and supplier in India- Medley pharmaceuticals limited. The manufacturing plant has been in the industry for more than four decades with a great market grip in its home country and abroad. Its credibility must have been earned and continuously reinforced by its commitment to uphold the integrity. It is, however, clear that a lot of efforts needs to be done in making Vigreks known as it might be the lingering point in my mind behind its lack of comments from its consumers. A drug is preferred for its potency. How well can its gospel reach the vast majority if the few who have used it are yet to review it or better still who will bother to search for it with the broad impotence varieties that have flooded the pharmacies? It is not to declare its doom, on the other hand, one would be wrong to assume that since it contains sildenafil citrate just like the most adored ED drug- Viagra its efficacy is excellent.

Pricing and Dosage

Vigreks is packaged in 100 mg tablets whose smaller presentations are the 50 Mg and 25 Mg pills. The surest place to get its price particularly one that has not been hiked in the hands of middlemen due to the long distribution chain is one A pack of four tablets goes for 120 Rupees or $ 1.84.

The generics price is lower compared to that of generic Viagra in that a weekly supply of Vigreks costs a less than a single Viagra pill

The generic’s price is lower compared to that of generic Viagra in that a weekly supply of Vigreks costs a less than a single Viagra pill.

How to Buy Vigreks Online

A choice is a powerful tool in the hands of every buyer, but the availability of varieties limits it. Availability is the other aspect that can empower or disempower the freedom of choice. Vigreks, in this case, has a limited supply in the international drugstores, locking up the largest population. Fildena, one of is alternatives, has more to offer and you can get it through the following links:

The sites get the goods to your place with a navigation charge between $ (9.95-10.00) via an ordinary airmail while the same shopping can be delivered between a $ (19.95-20.00) using the express mail service to all parts of the globe.

How to Use

Vigreks is one of the easiest drugs to consume as it has an option of taking it as needed or on a daily basis. The last dose requires to be administered with water, once per day, around the same hour since it demands an onset time of between 30 minutes to a hundred and beyond minutes. The length of the duration varying from an individual to the other an average if an hour before sexual engagement is reliable. Avoid alcohol and fatty foods as they slow its functionalism.

Side Effects

Dizziness, hot flashes, headaches, diarrhea, back pains and muscle aches are ordinarily and mildly experienced in the consumption of the medicine. Loss of hearing or vision is among the emergency cases that need to be intervened as soon as they occur without the exception of priapism.

Conclusion with Rating

Vigreks belongs to a category of Indian brands which represent a generic version of original Viagra for the treatment of impotence. Vigreks has not been reviewed by its clients although its manufacturing plants are well equipped with modern technology and knowledgeable workers. Medley Pharmaceuticals is focusing mostly are consumed on the local market. The sildenafil citrate generic brand from Medley Pharmaceuticals should, therefore, receive 2 stars out of five for efficacy mysteries. Consult your PCP before use.