Tadarich Review: Don’t Risk Buying a Drug Made By a Mysterious Company That Is Likely To Disappoint You

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Brand: Tadarich

Active Ingredient: Tadalafil

Treatment: Erectile Dysfunction

Manufacturer: Richie Laboratories Ltd. 

Country of Manufacture:  India

Tadarich Package Image

Review and description

Tadarich is a generic version of Cialis used to treat erectile dysfunction in men. Erectile dysfunction is treatable and can be reversed with the use of tadalafil based medications. For an erection to happen, first an increased blood flow into the penis is required. Blood vessels accommodate this increased blood flow by expanding to allow blood to circulate with ease. If this relaxation does not occur, erections achieved do not last long or become weak. Tadalafil, which is the potent ingredient in Tadarich combats with this illness, thereby, triggering strong and long-lasting erections. Essentially, it restores the flow of blood that is initially meant to facilitate the erection process once the patient is stimulated. Physicians mostly recommend that this medication should be taken at least one hour before having sexual intercourse. The logic behind this time gap is for the purpose of allowing the effects of the medications to kick-in once a patient is adequately stimulated. It was found that the effects of Tadarich can last up to 36 hours even though this varies from one individual to another. In other words, before using any medication it’s advisable that you first consult a doctor to decide whether tadalafil is suitable for you.

Tadarich is manufactured by Richie Laboratories Ltd Company. It is situated in India according to the very little information is available on the internet. The company’s relevant information such as year of its formation, the authentication details among others are missing. The company does not own an operational web page to put information in case a potential customer was interested to find out more about the company that manufactures Tadarich. Apart from the lack of an official website, I also could not find any reviews mentioning the company’s reputation. I was under the impression that the company went under for unknown reasons or is infamous lacking the international presence required to build a good reputation. As a skeptic buyer, a hunch tells me that I should avoid any medication made by this suspicious manufacturer for safety reasons.

Customer Reviews

Following the uncertainties on the manufacturer’s reputation, I was eager to find whether this medication had received any sort of praise or dissatisfaction from its previous users. Customer reviews are important tools that a potential customer can use to gauge the performance of a medication prior to using it. I was not able to find customer reviews for this particular therapy to evaluate its performance and efficacy. This also makes it difficult to tell whether the medication poses health risks to users as they used it. These uncertainties show that Tadarich is not a trustworthy ED drug despite it having the essential ingredient tadalafil. There are high chances that this medicine does not exist anymore or has not been a choice for many to depend on in treating erectile dysfunction.

Pricing and Dosage

Tadarich is available in form of tablet/pills which consist of tadalafil. The drug is obtainable in two doses namely 10 mg and 20 mg. a 20 mg tablet demonstrates that each tablet contains 20 mg tadalafil. Therefore, they represent the dosages to be taken by patients if they are permitted to use them by a doctor. The price tag for 10 tablets for the 20 mg concentration is $2.30. This is cheaper compared to other erectile dysfunction drugs such as Viagra.

The starting dosage is 10 mg but this can be increased depending on the effects gotten from the first dose

The starting dosage is 10 mg but this can be increased depending on the effects gotten from the first dose.

How to Buy Tadarich Online

Tadarich does not require a prescription before buying it over the counter. It’s also offered on the internet sites based in India only. This shows that the drug is likely to be hard to find if you reside elsewhere. Therefore, it’s best that potential customers look for alternative medications that serve the same purpose. I would suggest generic Cialis as its alternative since they have the same chemical composition.

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The price of Cialis is rather steep compared to Tadarich since 1 pill of 20 mg costs $3.52. Nevertheless, Cialis is an impeccable solution to any existing erectile complications which is widely available on the internet.

How to Use

As we earlier stated, the recommended starting dose for Tadarich is 10 mg which should be taken as directed by the doctor at all times. It can be taken with or without food provided that the food taken does not have lots of fat which would slow down the effects of the medication. In case the initial dose seems to be weak, the patient can increase the dose to 20 mg but this should only be done after a doctor has permitted this increment. Take one hour to 30 minutes before planning to have sexual intercourse.

Side Effects

Side effects are a common thing when using medications such as Tadarich. Some patients get reactions that are less harmful towards their health leading to uncomfortable symptoms such as indigestions, back pains, headaches, dizziness, muscle pains or even diarrhea. But for some patients, they are likely to complain of having painful erections that last for more than 4 hours. These among other side effects should be reported immediately to avert any health risks.

Conclusion with Rating

It’s easy to discredit this medication because of the lack of customer reviews on the internet among other lacking information concerning the manufacturer. However, It contains the most important ingredient, Tadalafil, other erectile dysfunction medication have. Therefore, it’s safe to assume that the medicine was intended to treat erectile dysfunction in men. But this does not necessarily mean that potential buyers should just buy this medication based on this reason only. Not all medications work satisfactorily so beware of these kinds of drugs. Finally, I think Tadarich deserves a low rating of 1 out of 5 from the discussed in this article.