Staxyn Review: A Generic Levitra Well-Received by the Consumers

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Brand: Staxyn

Active Ingredient: Vardenafil

Treatment: Erectile Dysfunction

Manufacturer: Bayer

Country of Manufacture: Germany

Staxyn Package Image

Review and Description

Staxyn is a generic rendition of brand Levitra. It is used for the treatment of Erectile dysfunction, and it’s a creation of Bayer healthcare providers in Germany. The white, biconvex, circular, uncoated tablet is made up of Magnesium stearate, Flavor peppermint, Aspartame, and Vardenafil hydrochloride which is the active pharmaceutical ingredient. The pill disintegrates in the mouth once placed on the tongue without chewing or the use of any solvent. It diminishes impotence manifestation by increasing the erectility of the penis. Its treatment process involves softening of the penile muscles and improving the relaxation status of the blood vessels in the penile area. This change of biological activities leads to an increased flow of blood to the penis in the initiation of sexual stimulation.

Bayer global enterprise whose headquarters are in German has subsidiaries in almost all the countries on the world map. The company has been a participant in the industry for more than a hundred and fifty (150) years with an employee community of 115, 200. The healthcare providers believe that the world is in dire need of sufficient and quality food supplies which match the levels of the growing population. To be part of the solution, it produces preventive and curative solutions in crop science, animal health and human welfare. Consumers also get to benefit from diagnostic equipment such as the imaging equipment in addition to nutritional supplements, prescriptions and over the counter medications. The therapeutic fields which its formulations serve in are Cardiology, Ophthalmology, Dermatology, Allergies, Influenza and colds, men’s and women’s health. Apart from Staxyn other impotence treatments from its laboratories are in the likes of Levitra.

Customer Reviews

Staxyn has several testimonials on the internet but allows me to sample a couple of them which had been posted on platform. On 21 March 2017, Russ22 published his comment stating that he had an `ED issue’ which leads him to consult his doctor who gave him samples (Staxyn pills). He tried them the previous night and admitted that it works better than expected

He tried them the previous night and admitted that `it works better than expected.’ He also stated that its `positive effects lasted for 12 hours’ and the side effects of the pills were `headaches and stuffy nose.’

Another review on the same site which has seventeen people relating to it was from Tdawg80 who commented on 26th December 2016. This customer had tried Viagra before which did not give him a nostalgic experience as `it took 2hours’ to kick since had taken it on a full stomach. His quest for a quick and effective impotence which would not be affected by the food he eats before administering was meet by a Staxyn prescription from his doctor. `It worked for him in 15 minutes’ making him be fully erect on a full stomach. He concludes his review with a confession that he` loves this medicine.’

Pricing and Dosage

The recommended Staxyn dose is 10 Mg of Vardenafil which is subject to an increment of 20 Mg or a decrease of 5 Mg or 2.5 Mg. It is sold in various pharmacies across the globe such as whose prices are shown in the diagram below.

 10 Mg Staxyn tablets in a pack of four are traded at $ 52

10 Mg Staxyn tablets in a pack of four are traded at $ 52.00 while a double of that quantity goes for $ 99.00. A dozen pills are sold at $145.00 while its original formula which is brand Levitra goes for $ 30 cheaper compared to Staxyn since a dozen of Levitra pills is traded at $ 115.00.

How to Buy Staxyn Online

I would have liked to make it easier for you to buy Staxyn at the comfort of your home by offering you the choice of worldwide operating pharmacies; however, the treatment is yet to get acquainted with their shelves. All in all, a change of preference to its alternative brand- Levitra will be required. This substitute can be found in:

10 Mg Levitra tablets in a pile of 10 are sold at $ 3.45 per tab from with a standard shipping rate of $ 9.50 using the regular airmail and $ 19.95 via the EMS. sells a 10 Mg Levitra pill at $ 3.63 in a pack of ten with the transport expenses being $ 10.00 using the ordinary airmail and $ 20.00 through the express courier service.

How to Use

Staxyn is orally disintegrative unlike the majority of impotence treatments which come in conventional tablets. So, it is placed on the tongue to dissolve in saliva without the use of a solvent. It should not be broken or chewed, and it should be swallowed in its dissolved form. The therapy can be taken with food, but it’s not compatible with high amounts of alcohol and grapefruit or its juice as they lead to adverse effects and reduction in its potency. The recommended dose for status is 10 Mg pill although the rule of taking tablets within a 24 hours gap applies to all its consumers.

Side Effects

Some of its allergic reactions lead to hives, swelling of the tongue, mouth, face, and feet and need an urgent medical intervention. Other serious and uncommon symptoms of the drug are priapism, difficulties in differentiating blue and green colors or a temporary loss of vision altogether and a sudden decrease in blood pressure. The less adverse effects are headaches, facial flushes and having a stuffy nose, in addition to nausea.

Conclusion with Rating

Staxyn is a generic Levitra (which disintegrates orally unlike conventional tablets) from Bayer healthcare company from Germany which manufactured its original version. It is used for treating ED and contains Vardenafil as the active ingredient. This brand is not readily available online although the few sites that sell it have positive reviews from its clients. I award it 3 out of five stars rate and advise you to consult your doctor before use.