MySecuretabs Review: For Highly-Effective Generic and Brand Medications

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My Securetabs refers to a drugstore network comprising of several identical websites which deal with a similar range of drugs and sells these drugs at uniform prices. Except a customer looks at the web address of these websites everything else will confuse him due to the similarity. This should not be a cause for alarm as this is just a way of getting more traffic to the network. Once the orders have been submitted to the various networks, they will be forwarded to the main website where the processing and the shipping of the orders will be done.

The network is compliant to all the regulations that have been set by bodies such as CIPA, MIPA, and Pharmacy Checker which is an indication that the network can be relied upon for the supply of high-quality medications. No prescription will be required t purchase any drug which makes it very easy to place orders.

My Securetabs network is conscious of the threat that the private information that is required when transacting with the network has. This is why every measure has been put in place to ensure that no outsider will be able to access it. The network guarantees their customers complete anonymity in the entire process.

During the shipping of the drugs, they will be labeled as a gift to ensure that no one will be able to guess the content. It will also be a way of preventing their customers from any trouble with the customs officials. Most of the communication to the clients is through emails and customers do not have to worry about receiving private calls in a place where the details of the transactions could be known to a third party.

MySecuretabs Reviews

Looking at some of the comments that have been submitted by customers after their transactions with the network, it is evident that My Securetabs is a reliable source of drugs. Leeroy says that he has had three deliveries from the network and every time he received his medications in good order and he did not have to wait for too long to get the drugs. He also says that the price at which he bought the drugs enabled him to save some money from what he would have spent if he had bought the drugs from a local pharmacy. Charles also appreciates that he is able to save more on his medications whenever he purchases from My Securetabs and not from a local pharmacy. He also acknowledges that he gets a free gift every time he places an order.

David from Germany says that he was able to receive his order on time and was also grateful that the pills worked extremely well. It seems that the drugs in question were ED medications and this is why he says that his wife, as well as the sheet and the beds, send their appreciation for the working of the drugs. Before Michael settled for My Securetabs network, he had tried several online pharmacies and he came to the conclusion that the network is the best place to buy his medications. He says that the prices of his medications are the best and the quality of the drugs is also exceptional. He has ordered four times from the network and there is no time that the delivery was delayed.

MySecuretabs Online Reputation

MySecuretabs Online

My Securetabs drugstore network is keen on ensuring that their customers get the best experience when buying their medications. They are also determined to help as many people as possible to access a credible source of their prescription drugs. This is achieved by running its operation through several websites that have a homepage that looks the same, sells the same types of medications at equal prices.

One of MySecuretabs Network Sites

The similarity in the websites may trigger some doubts in some of the customers who may think that this is a way of scamming them. This will not be the case as every website is legitimate and is only focused on offering the best services that an online network can buy. Customers should, however, be careful as there are some rogue online pharmacies that may use a homepage that resembles that of My Securetabs to lure people in their trap where they will sell fake drugs to them.

My Securetabs stocks a wide variety of drugs to ensure that no customer will miss out the drugs from his favorite manufacturers. The drugs could either be generic or brand medications and because no prescription is required the customer will have every right to choose either the more expensive brand medications or the cheap generic drugs. These drugs have been tested and verified by the FDA and will effectively treat the complications for which they are made.

MySecuretabs Coupon Codes

My Securetabs online network is always conscious of the need to save more on drugs and this is why hue discounts are offered on all medications. For the customer who is suffering from erectile dysfunction and does not know the medication that will work best for him, the network provided several ED sample packs at discounted prices. The customer will be able to test all the leading ED medications brands and when he is finally sure of the one that will work best for him, he can make a huge purchase.

ED Sample Packs Discounted Prices

MySecuretabs Phone Numbers

My Securetabs have provided contact numbers that can be used by customers whenever a need arises. These are:

  • Clients residing in the US dial +1-728-487-9792
  • Clients residing in the UK dial +420-3239-7092

MySecuretabs Spam and Phone Calls

There are no existing complaints from customers about the receipt of any spam messages or unending calls from the network. It is possible, however, that customers will get reminders about prescription refills.


My Securetabs holds their customers in high esteem and this is why they will go to any length to ensure that the right drugs are delivered at the right time. In case a customer fails to get the right drugs or the drugs are damaged while in transit, the customer will be compensated without incurring extra charges. However, this rarely happens and this is why all the reviews regarding the network are positive and as a result, we will give the network a 5* rating.