How does Olive oil combat breast cancer

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Scientists found olive oil can combat breast cancer. This is why women in mediterranean have lower incidence of breast cancer. The main ingredient of olive oil is olive acid, the majority foods in mediterranean contain such ingredients. Studies by scholars of Northwestern University of Chicago showed that olive acid can not only reduce the probability of suffering from cancer, but also improve the cure rate of malignant tumors.

First of all, olive acid can inhibit the activity of a cancer gene called “female schwann-2”, so to influence the expression of certain proteins needed by breast cancer, results in a decrease of 46% of the risk of breast cancer. For those unfortunate people who suffered from breast cancer, olive oil can prevent the deterioration, also can improve the effect of chemotherapy. If only a small amount of olive acid works, cancer cells will be gradually adapt to the environment with olive acid, and continue to grow, but if there is a sufficient volume of olive acid, tumor cells will be killed.

Of course, the above-mentioned refers to the olive oil with good quality. You should carefully select when you buy some olive oils for poor-quality olive oil will not only lose its medical properties, but it will also produce carcinogenic substances.

A series experiments of breast cancer cells proved that olive oil can greatly reduce the level of cancer gene called Her-2/neu. Some research showed that one-fifth of patients with breast cancer has increased the level of Her-2/neu, and the tumors in these patients are aggressive. Olive oil can inhibit the expression of Her-2/neu gene. Additionally some experiments showed that it can raise treatment of trastuzumab, which is one of the common drugs against breast cancers.

Maybe there has some other mechanismes we do not know, but the key is olive oil can really combat breast cancer.