Canadian Health and Care Mall Review – An Easy to Use Pharmacy Network

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We always look at the time that any pharmacy network has been operating. This is one of the factors that you can use to judge whether an online pharmacy offers great services or not. The fact that the sites which operate under the Canadian Health and Care Mall med store network have been in business since the year 2003 is something that shows they usually take care of their customers. These stores are largely focused on delivering genuine generic meds. They get their meds from genuine sources. This is something we have verified from the people who have already taken the medications. If the drugs were fake, these people would be complaining. But, the consumers are overly pleased.

When we first loaded one of the sites in this network, we managed to figure out what was going on immediately. This is a great sign since it indicates that even for someone who is new to the whole shopping for meds online experience, the sites will be easy for him or her to use. Although pharmacy networks are usually operating legitimately, it is important that you stay cautious. Some stores don’t belong to the pharmacy networks. However, they steal the network sites design and use it to fool unsuspecting customers.

Canadian Health and Care Mall Reviews

A pharmacy network that has been online for a decade and a half is supposed to have customer comments. If the pharmacy is good, it should have positive consumer comments. We have looked for the consumer comments for this medication store network. Here are some of them:

Canadian Health and Care Mall User Testimonials

Martin says that the Canadian Health and Care Mall is the only online service that has allowed him to purchase quality and safe generic Viagra at the best price. The shipping was fast and the company ensured that everything was kept confidential. He recommends the pharmacy to anyone who is searching for a perfect product at the best price.

Johnny has been using drugs he sources from Canadian Health and Care Mall for some few years. He is fully satisfied with the services the company offers. He indicates that apart from the quick delivery, helpful support and other benefits, he always gets attractive discounts.

Canadian Health and Care Mall Online

The number one reason why many people are ordering their meds from the Canadian Health and Care Mall network is due to the user-friendly websites that the network has. As we had stated earlier on, anybody can use the sites. The network offers international shipping. It doesn’t matter where you are ordering from. The store indicates they keep the consumer personal details private.

Canadian Health and Care Mall Main Page

When we tried checking out our meds, we noticed that the sites were accepting credit cards. This is the most popular method of paying e-commerce sites. It is also the safest since the buyer can dispute his or her charges if the deal turns out to be a fraud.

The sites in the network had a way of reaching the customer support department. One thing we noted is that messages sent to the support department never took more than 24 hours before they got responded to. We noticed that we could locate some of the sites that form the Canadian Health and Care Mall network by simply using search engines. This proves that the pharmacies have invested in making their sites search engine optimized.

When checking out some medications, we noted that there is nowhere the buyer is prompted to create an account or send in a prescription. This further makes the ordering process smooth and easier. All meds available are FDA approved. There are no controlled substances or meds with addiction issues on the sites.

Canadian Health and Care Mall Coupon Codes

One of the sites had a Coupon code CANADAHEALTH. This coupon code was only eligible for the generic meds being sold on the site. The other offers included free pills and shipping:

Canadian Health and Care Mall Buying Offers

The buyer was destined to get some additional pills on what he or she was paying for. There were free shipping offers which varied depending on the amount of money you had spent on the site.

Canadian Health and Care Mall Phone Numbers

You won’t find telephone numbers in some of the sites in the network. What you will never miss is the contact form on their contact page through which you can send an email and their email addresses. There are two email addresses you can use. These are as we have indicated below:

Canadian Health and Care Mall Spam and Phone Calls

When people get scammed, they will describe their disappointment on the web. This is why we tried to locate any comments left that could indicate Canadian Health & Care Mall usually spams people. After searching for a long time, we came up empty-handed. we could not locate a single comment related to the Canadian Health & Care Mall network sites spamming people. This is why we concluded that the pharmacy network respects their customers and avoids spamming them. If you are not careful, you may end up using a fake pharmacy that looks like Canadian Health & Care Mall. In case this happens, you will end up having numerous spam emails in your email account.


There are numerous consumer comments about the Canadian Health & Care Mall pharmacy network. Customers are pleased by the fact that they are getting cheaper meds, getting them on time, getting great customer support, and getting high-quality pills. We rate this pharmacy 5 stars based on the large number of happy customers they have. If you are looking for a safe online pharmacy network that respects its customers enough to avoid spamming them and to offer them huge discounts, the best drugstore network you will find on the web is Canadian Health & Care Mall.